SDG Advisor AI Assistant

SDG Advisor AI Assistant
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After, announced the ability to embed a Lindy AI assistant on a website earlier this week, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to create an AI assistant to help site visitors to the SustainAble Exchange website assist mission-driven enterprises, foundations, and NGOs in aligning their programs with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help them better communicate their strategies and attract impact investors.

Developing the SDG Advisor Assistant

So when it came to creating an AI assistant to help the SustainAble Exchange community, here's what I instructed the assistant to do:

  • Users will provide you with text describing their mission statement or descriptions of the programs they've funded.
  • Your primary goal is to match the user's input with the most appropriate SDG and SDG targets.
  • You should be very familiar with the 17 UN SDGs and be able to analyze and categorize the information users provide.
  • If a user opts to receive additional information, provide best practices for implementation and examples of successful alignment.

SustainAble Exchange SDG Advisor

So, please take this opportunity to give the new SustainAble Exchange SDG Advisor AI assistant a try by telling it about your organization's mission. I hope you find it useful.

Insert your mission statement in the box below:

Sample interaction

Here's an example of the type of interaction the SDG Advisor can provide:

Sample dialog with the SDG Advisor

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SustainAble Exchange provides every member organization with the power to create positive change in any transaction. The mission of our exchange is to expand and accelerate environmental and social impact commitments by leveraging best-in-class fintech software from the financial sector to enable a market-driven approach to risk management and sustainability.

SustainAble Exchange expands upon the promise of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandates by allowing member companies to fully account for their mission-driven commercial transactions, events, and commitments using our straightforward and easy-to-manage trading system. Our proprietary software incorporates the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework allowing member companies to record, classify, and organize these commitments between parties to provide transparency to all their constituents (customers, regulatory agencies, employees, communities, etc.) as these organizations seek to meet their environmental and social impact goals.  

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